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The tooth is embedded in the upper and lower jaw bones with one end in the oral cavity. The other end is the name given to each of the formations in which the small bone appears free of hardness. In Latin it is called dens .

E-Max Diş Kaplama
E-Max Diş Kaplama

It helps chewing and turning sound into words. It is an organ in the mouth which is the beginning of the dental digestive system and its main task is to initiate the mechanical digestion of nutrients. It is also important for making sounds during speech and supporting lips on the face. In addition to these tasks, animals have vital tasks such as transporting an object and helping to defend it.

We wanted to share with you the basic information about teeth and the most important data used in daily life. On our website you can also find information about dental gum diseases and dental prostheses through implant links and aesthetic dentistry applications. The primary aim of dentists is to protect dental health and to eliminate the diseases and problems that arise in the teeth and to provide aesthetic and phonetic functions, especially chewing. Now, let’s give you general information ab

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Lamina Diş Kaplama

out our teeth at the end of the article will come to you some interesting explanations that we predict will come out interesting.

  • There are 20 milk teeth 32 permanent teeth in the mouth.
  • By the age of about 6, milk teeth begin to replace their permanent teeth.
  • Around 7 years of age, the permanent incisors under the milk teeth.
  • Tooth times, although given as a mathematical ruler ha is related to a person’s bone age and genetic characteristics.
  • Most adults 20 years old have 32 teeth 20 years old teeth may sometimes not occur at all or may be buried.
    Although enamel is the hardest substance in the body, this enamel layer may erode and corrode due to the acid formed fermenting to sugars as food remains too long to be cleaned well.
  • After acquiring knowledge about the teeth with the general framework, we would like to mention the dental profession that is engaged in dental treatments and treatments of the oral and surrounding tissues. Dentistry is an important branch of medicine where science and art are used together. Some units in the medical sciences and some others are surgical branches. Dentistry is also applied as an interventional science. Aesthetic tooth dentistry and implant treatments are today’s popular dentistry branches.

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