Clenching, Grinding (Bruxism)

It usually occurs due to stress.It can be seen in the form of squeezing the jaw , grinding teeth and strapping the joints.

Corrosion of the teeth first in the enamel and then in the dentin layer will cause damage to the gums and tooth roots.

Tooth grinding and squeezing Reviewed by: People who grind or grind their teeth in daytime stressful situations can repeat the same movement at night.

When a person wakes up in the morning, joints, chewing muscles, head and neck pain, fatigue, difficulty swallowing, pain and tenderness in the teeth is a typical symptom of burxism disease.

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In this way, the severity and frequency of grinding teeth can reach a size that will harm the teeth. Grinding the teeth, jawing and locking the teeth during sleep due to stress causes the teeth, gums and tooth roots to corrode and become damaged. The enamel of the teeth that are constantly rubbed against each other is damaged and the length of the teeth becomes shorter. Cystic formations occur in the roots due to pressure. The ligaments that connect to the female jawbone are loosened and the teeth begin to shake.
The gingival tissues of those with bruxism may also be damaged and gingival bleeding may occur if touched.

Joint complaints may also occur due to damage to the cartilage tissue in the jaw joint.

Stress-causing factors must be prevented to overcome the disease. With the help of drug-assisted psychological treatment, the protective tooth sheath to be attached to the teeth can prevent the teeth from being damaged.

The jaw joint is one of the most complex joints of the body I is able to move the jaw joint anterior back up, down right and left, moving in three directions. Eating through speech can be accomplished through many functional jaw insertion, such as swallowing. As with all joints, problems may occur from time to time in the jaw joint. There are many muscles that move the jaw joint, which can cause damage to the jaw joint when stretched or fatigued.
At the time of squeezing or grinding, we apply more than 10 times our normal bite forces to the jaw joint. This causes damage to the jaw joint. Jaw joint disorder is one of the common disorders. However, the complaints do not become apparent as there is often no further damage.
A plaque worn at night is applied to eliminate joint problems. The dentist applies this plaque, which he applies from the mouth, in order to relax the joint and prevent the opening of the works. These night plate treatments can be supplemented with muscle relaxants if necessary.

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