Dentistry treatments are increasingly diversified. Increased comfort for patients brings increased costs. Implant treatments, especially for those who lose their teeth, provide great convenience and comfort yet, the prices are not low. Prices such as implant treatment that require both material and surgical procedures are increasing. In our this article, we I will not only tell you this application and bone powder prices in the article; I also will be telling you what is effected.

As in my other writings, I am committed to providing you with a friendly and informative content. My only goal is to satisfy people who are looking for real information on the internet, the platform where it is hard to find content other than bad translations and advertising articles.

Material prices used for treatment are indexed in foreign currency as known. The use of high-tech devices and equipment for treatment also increases application costs. There are huge differences between placing the same implant using a cheap device and using a quality and calibrated device.

We can use bone taken from the patient’s own body to the areas where we want to form bone, as well as providing bone powder from outside the patient’s body. Non-patient-derived bone powder may be of synthetic or animal origin.

There are 3 types of bone powder in dentistry treatments. We are able to apply them by using only one type and sometimes using a few. It is not possible to generalize because each patient’s needs and intraoral status will be different.

Bone dust is most commonly used in sinus elevation . If the bone height is not sufficient for implantation to the upper jaw, bone dust is applied by removing the sinus membrane at the base of the nose. The implant is then placed. This procedure is added to the implant price to be applied when necessary, the bone powder price and the incision surgery incstrong>. While the implant is € 400, the cost of these additional materials and the surgical procedure will exceed € 100-200.


The first thing you should know is that bone dust prices are not low. The amount of bone powder to be used is determined during the operation. The doctor should have already given you an approximate price with the surgical procedure before. If you want to make it cheaper or get a 100 euro profit, don’t think of ​​having a bone powder. If the procedures exceed your budget, there are different treatment alternatives. You can request information from your doctor about those. However, if you decided to have a bone powdered treatment, you should be prepared for up to 400 Euros.

The most cost-effective bone powder is the one prepared with the bone taken from the patient’s own body. There is a risk that the patient may have a feeling of drowsiness, sometimes a slight numbness, as a result of a second surgical site and bone dust removal. There is not much difference between the prices of synthetic bone powders and animal origin bone powders. Besides the cost of bone powder, other materials used for the patient and the amount that the physician will demand for surgery have an effect on the total cost of the operation. Gum surgery are costly laborious operations, especially if bone is desired.

Bone powders are obtained by special processes and advanced technologies.



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