The process of making darkened teeth lighter for various reasons is called teeth whitening. Some people are born lucky and have white tooth color. Sometimes we are genetically born with a dark brownish tooth color. With the advances in dentistry, it is possible to get white teeth with some bleaching substances instead of covering the yellowed teeth! In this article I will tell you what we can do to make your teeth look lighter.

Although it is possible to get whiter teeth with different applications, my most suggestion would be to lighten the teeth with bleaching . Applying laminate veneer on the tooth also makes you have whiter teeth. However, why not cover the tooth when you can open the tooth color without disturbing the natural tooth tissue! Zirconium tooth coating is one of the recommended methods for people with dark teeth. However, if curvature and / or dental fillings and caries are present in the teeth, it would make more sense to recommend tooth coatings instead of whitening teeth.

Before I start to give information about teeth whitening, there is an important issue I want to mention. This is perhaps the most important issue. Let me explain right away without worrying and Teeth whitening 

(Bleaching) method before the patient is done dental calculus. Then the lips, gums and cheeks are covered with special insulating materials. This prevents damage to these areas.

Teeth Whitening Techniques:

1. Home Bleaching (Bleaching at home)

A personalized plaque is prepared with the measurement taken from the teeth in the office environment. It is sufficient to use the prepared plate with the appropriate drug for 4 days for 3-7 days. If the result is not satisfied, the duration can be extended or the concentration can be increased by 10-16-20%.

2. Office Bleaching

Generally within 1 day, 45-60 minutes is enough to do a process. In case of insufficiency, 2nd or 3rd session can be performed. Generally, the number of sessions may increase in difficult colorings, but not in dark colors.

Duration of Teeth Whitening;

It may vary depending on the factor, technique applied, concentration. Usually one session and 45-60 minutes is enough.

Teeth discolorations can be divided into groups as follows:

Extrinsic coloring; The stains are only on the tooth enamel surface. It occurs due to nutrition. Drinks such as tea, coffee, cola, dark fruit juices, red wine and foods such as tomato paste and peach cause superficial discoloration of the tooth. Bleaching of such stains gives successful results.

Internally induced colorations are colorized in the dentin below the enamel layer of the tooth. It may be caused by the use of tetracycline-derived drugs used in childhood and the use of excessive fluoride or some antibiotics used by the mother during pregnancy. The color is too slow or not at all.

In the later years, the enamel layer of the tooth erodes and reflects the dark color of the underlying dentin layer. Inner and external colorations may also be seen over the years. In such cases, successful results can be obtained from the bleaching process.
Discoloration of teeth that have been treated with root canal treatment. In such colorations, the bleaching agent placed in the pulp chamber is kept in the tooth for 3 days. The process is repeated until the desired result is achieved.

It is not applied to dental root surfaces, gingival diseases, pregnancy or breastfeeding that are exposed as a result of gingival recession.

Temporary whitening is achieved by all bleaching methods. Structure of the teeth


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