For the first time in 1856, in Melbourne, Australia, the stone and construction workers organized a march from the University of Melbourne to the House of Parliament for an eight-hour day.

On May 1, 1886, under the leadership of the US Confederation of Trade Unions, workers resigned, demanding 8 hours of work per day, against a 12-hour, 6-day work schedule. Half a million workers attended the demonstrations in Chicago. In Luizvil (Kentaki), more than 6,000 black and white workers marched together. At that time, the parks in Luizvil were closed to black people. The workers walked into the National Park after walking the streets. In each state and city, the demonstrations of black and white workers together were interpreted by the newspapers as ‘Thus the prejudice wall was destroyed’.

The demonstrations continued in full swing over the days following May 1 and led to the bloody Haymarket Incident on May 4.

Repetition of this demonstration was prevented by legal pressures. In the Second International meeting, which was held on July 14-July 21, 1889, it was decided that May 1 would be celebrated as Birlik Unity, struggle and solidarity day tüm all over the world with the suggestion of a French workers’ representative. So the second show has done in 1890.

In time, the 8-hour working day was officially accepted in many countries. May 1 was thus a feast reflecting the unity and solidarity of the workers. Today, workers celebrate May 1, which is a holiday in socialist countries (People’s Republic of China, People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Venezuela, Nepal, Bolivia) and many other countries. In some countries, May 1 takes the form of a political action.

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