Tooth sensitivity is a very common complaint so it is really important to inform the patients about the issue.

“The one whose tooth is whining should go to the dentist first and get treatment according to dentist recommendations” If you want to learn more, you can read the following articles.

What Should Be Done to an Aching tooth? Root Canal Therapy.

Many people who suffer from teeth whining cannot drink cold water even in the summer, and have difficulty eating sour or sweet foods. It is generally thought that this complaint is caused only by dental caries. However, the same type of tingling can be encountered due to the abrasion of the teeth.

The human tooth consists of two layers. The bright and hard part outside the tooth is called the enamel layer, which is the hardest part of the human body. Under the enamel, there is a layer of dentine with small canals.The chemical, mechanical or thermal sensitivity resulting from the cracking or abrasion of the enamel layer from the release of the dentine layer for any reason is called tooth sensitivity. Extremely cold or hot drinks, acidic or extremely sweet food passes through the channel to stimulate nerves. This leads to a sudden pain called tooth aching amongst the public.

Causes of tooth sensitivity (Tooth Tingling)

First of all, the reason of the tooth tingling should be determined. Gingiva for various reasons, tooth inflammation and plaques, teeth whitening products, acidic foods, wrong tooth brushing habits, brushing with very hard brush and movements, stress and tooth hygiene. On the other hand; in the case of frequent vomiting during pregnancy or as a result of stomach ailments, tooth sensitivity may occur. Gastric acid that comes into the mouth as a result of vomiting erodes the enamel layer of the tooth.

How Does Tooth Sensitivity Cured?

 Toothpastes, mouthwashes and brushes called “sensitive” may be used which can be found commonly on the market nowadays. The substances containing in these products clog the dentin channels, food and drinks to reach the nerves and prevents the formation of sensitivity. If there is no caries problem in the mouth, regular use of sensitive toothpaste, soft or extra soft toothbrush and floss for a period of time can eliminate the problem of tingling. However, for those who have caries problems, it is highly recommended to have a treatment firstly. If the destruction of the enamel is large, methods such as filling, fluoride, coating and root canal treatment are used.



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