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Clinic Without Pain:

You won’t feel any pain during making dental treatments in our clinic. Thanks to modern technology, dentistry is now more aesthetic and allows us to do dental treatments in a very short time. If you are worried about having toothache during dental treatment, let’s talk. You will never hear the procedures to be performed in the area anesthetized with local anesthesia. The dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya clinic is known as ( painless clinic) . You can be completely painless with local anesthesia before dental filling or root canal treatment. We are happy to help you with our experience since 1992.

Dental Treatments

Local Anesthesia:

Local anesthesia is a form of treatment that affects the nerves of the teeth and surrounding tissues to avoid pain. If you have a history of allergy, heart, blood diseases, high blood pressure and other general health conditions, you must warn your doctor.

During and after local anesthesia, pain, swelling, burning, infection, temporary or permanent nerve damage and unexpected allergic reactions may develop.

Allergic reactions; itching, rash, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate (tachycardia) or reduction (bradycardia) may be very low in the form of death. Since local anesthesia will be administered, alcohol, drugs or other similar effects before treatment should be performed.

Do not take medicines. Do not drive after treatment with local anesthesia.

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