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Tourism And Health

After the 1970s, tourism has become one of the most important sectors and concepts in the world. In our country, after the 1980s, attention has been paid to tourism. Turkey is also the last 2-3 years the boom in the tourism sector. However, tourism types, problems, future and opportunities in this area are being discussed with each passing day. If we consider tourism as a human movement coming from one country to another for many reasons, the health and health of these people will be intertwined with tourism.

I have been working on Tourist Health and Health Tourism and their relations with Europe for 16 years. For a better understanding of the subject, it is necessary to use some concepts correctly.

Health Tourism:

1- From one country to another country for any reason (length of waiting time, economic efficiency of treatment or better quality health care, etc.) is to go for treatment only.

2- Traveling from one country to another country for spa treatments that are medically determined by the report is also included in this definition.

First of all, the confusion of this concept in our country should be clarified and legally defined, then regulations regarding the functioning of institutions covering these concepts and the provision of services should be prepared.

Health of Toourist

Türkiye'de Diş
Türkiye’de Diş

Turkey’s healthy for our country as a wealth of recreation and entertainment, or (culture, history, mountains, caves, etc.) For recognition from the media that covers the person’s health and found to be healthy. Tourists will primarily prefer environments and institutions whose infrastructure does not jeopardize their excellent health. However, if it becomes ill for unexpected reasons, it will demand an immediate and reliable health service. In this context, the cause-effect and correction and cost of an unexpected disease will be important.

Topics related to Tourist Health:

1- The environment in which the tourist is located and the health of the employees working in this environment2- Health of the society in terms of possible diseases that tourism will bring

3- Health of tourists and health service in case of emergency.

4. Operation of health personnel and institutions

5. Relations with international insurance and pricing

6- As a result of tourism and health services offered abroad, our country and health services will be promoted.

7- Health problems that occur during the leave of expatriates

Health Tourism for Europe:

Health care provision in European countries is very high quality and expensive. The expectations of the society are high. The society is aging, and the need for health care naturally increases.

As such, health expenditures become inextricable day by day. Especially in countries where private insurance and private health service providers are increasing, the situation is getting worse.

Governments are forced to increase the share of the budget allocated to health, while the profitability of private insurances decreases, making new investments or investing in more profitable (food, arms industry communication etc.) areas because they cannot earn a proportionate income with the money they invest in health care providers.

As such, many ways are being explored to overcome the shortage of health finance in Europe in the future; One of the most important of these is to buy health services cheaper, to increase the share of participation from the insured, or even to exclude certain health services.

As a result, there is a need for healthcare providers who have a short waiting time for the insured in Europe, but also for the insured in the services that are not covered, but do not compromise on quality. As a result, Europe has become a candidate for cheap health care from abroad.

Not to be ignored hereThe subject that will not make concessions from European quality, whether culturally or legally, will be the decision of the patient himself. The European will generally receive health care from Europe, and the cost will not matter to the patient who will seek the right to the patient. From this point of health service delivery to European Turkey it will not be easy in a short time.

1. When our quality increases thoroughly,

2. When Turkey’s health sector is very well presented,

3. In addition to health care, the tourism facilities are presented in a package.

4. When Turkey’s government and the private sector established very close relations with the European insurance

Europeans to get health services will start coming to Turkey. Even after all, it won’t be easy to please. Compensation to be paid in malpractice will be a problem. However, the situation will be very different if more than 5 million Turks living in Europe and more than 20 million Muslims (Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Africa) are selected as the primary target group.

Europe especially II. After World War II, they provided a significant number of human resources from exploitation countries and undeveloped countries and found cheap labor. (Of course, manpower resources obtained during the exploitation period, especially for England, the situation is different.)

Immigrants who have worked in Europe for many years have settled in Europe, especially the Turks have had jobs, got married and fused with European society. This mass has now become an integral part of Europe. In general, European and immigrants have the same rights in terms of receiving health care. However, they have not received equal treatment with Europeans in recent years especially when receiving health services.

In terms of health tourism, the European market should be considered in three separate groups:

1) Europeans themselves as citizens

2) Our citizens living in Europe (expatriates)

3) Other Muslim immigrants living in Europe (Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Africa etc.)

For Europe, there are two main health services abroad. (Tourist health and health tourism.) Tourists who go abroad to receive emergency health care during the holiday should be examined in the title of tourist health. It is Health Tourism to go abroad for chronic diseases and planned treatment in order to be economical and not to wait.

The most important point to be emphasized is that the insured must legally request and declare that I want to get health care from the hospital abroad. In this, promotion and marketing to the insured is important. The final decision will be at the request of the insured.

Our citizens living in Europe (Expatriates):

Our expatriates cannot get good health care in Europe compared to previous years. Especially the 1st and 2nd generation elderly people cannot explain their problems due to the language problem. They can’t communicate with doctors. Our expatriates generally have more confidence in Turkish doctors. Our expatriates from public institutions when they are allowed to Turkey (especially from SSK hospitals in the previous year) did not get fast and quality service. Bukhara As a result of the study started 6 years ago, our expats can get health services with the approval of the insurance without paying any fee when they get sick. However, they do not receive non-urgent planned treatment for this day.

Expatriates also a large part of our planned treatment of chronic diseases and they want to make in Turkey. discuss the subject in a way to organize this European insurance hospitals in Turkey should explain this regard. Then it is important to reach our expats and introduce our hospitals.

Insurance offer will be told that the immigrants of Turkish origin living in Europe have planned treatment of companions and the cost of treatment including the road fare is very attractive and that the quality of the private hospitals is good for the expats will be told. Countries such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have already taken the first steps in this regard. In short, the marketing of Turkish private health sector to communicate with European insurances will soon conclude this mature issue. As health tourism, only chronic diseases and planned treatment services can be marketed to Europe (especially to immigrants) and to the Middle East and Central Asia. The services to be offered in the name of health tourism (dental treatments, eye laser treatment, aesthetic surgery services, etc.) should be in the form.

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