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Everything is easy now, is not it? Long roads are short, hard work is simple. You are putting dirty clothes on the machine, it is washed and dried out. Is this the case in dental treatment? How is tooth decay, toothache, missing tooth treatment done today? There’s even a single day of implant treatment. Is not it beautiful? It is possible to implant the missing tooth as a tooth root in one day and put the coating on the tooth for a dental aesthetic. You thought so. The capitalist order brings as much deception as production and innovation. When you look at shampoos, they say your hair will never fall, it will be bright and vivid. But in reality many people are bald and are pursuing an order to start where I can make my hair. one day implant.

Dental Implant One Day

Today I will refer to the implants on a day which is one of the most remarkable topics of recent times. An application that causes confusion with ads such as “a tooth in a day” or “an end to a toothlessness in a day”.

Implant in one day seems to be the motto of Istanbul Dental Clinics. But this slogan is misleading. As end users, patients think that all transactions will end in a day. It is not the case. This is just an attention advertising campaign. So the slogan. One day a temporary tooth is placed on the implant. A week later the sutures are being removed from the area where the implant is made. It is time to make permanent teeth as a result of gum checks and perhaps a new temporary tooth preparation and subsequent ongoing checks. This is a process that takes three months in total. Where was the implant in one day?

Do you belive implant in a day?

Implant is done in one day. But implant therapy does not end. In a single day, however, operations such as tooth filling or tooth cleaning can be completed. With the latest innovations, dipping can be done in one day. I would like to repeat it with a complete answer that implant is placed in one day. Then you need to go to the dentist again for treatment. Immediate placement of the implant can be performed immediately when the patient is suffering from dental pain.

For this procedure to be successful, tooth extraction must be performed without trauma. If the bone is damaged without damage to the tooth and its surroundings, an implant can be implanted in the same seantation tooth cavity immediately. It is important to note that the tooth root is the cylindrical structure of the implant with the ovoid structure. The implant diameter must be adjusted correctly. If a small diameter implant is used, excess cavities may cause implant loss. Conversely, the use of large diameter implants negatively impacts bone mass and compliance with the surrounding tissues.

How many implants are made in one day?

It may be asked how many implants are made in one day. It would be wiser to give information about the number of implants made in a day rather than an implant. This is also one of the curiosities. How many implants can be made in one day depends on the patient and the medicine. The question is, how many implants can be made in one day in a day, I will tell you a clear number.

16 implants can be made. How Does? When 8 implants are applied to the upper jaw and 8 implants are applied to the lower jaw, the patient has 16 implants made on the same day. This is possible. Medically, the physician evaluates the patient’s condition. If there is no systemic disease, if there is no problem in opening the mouth, and if the physician thinks that he / she has sufficient performance in this respect, 16 implants may be done in one day.

Do you want implant in 1 day?

Implant, but treatment has to continue. See what happens now. If you read ads for implant prices in a day, you will only pay the money in a day. Implant therapy will not end in a day. Implant operation is not a very simple process. It is not difficult either. However, the steps and processes of treatment should be applied with care. In order not to encounter undesirable situations such as Implant Losses, it is necessary to apply the processes completely and correctly.

Expectations from implant treatment have risen considerably. You need to know that this is not a miracle. I think it would be more useful to talk about what you can do with your physician and your own teeth instead of reading ads that confuse your mind with the purity of the implant in a day.

It is important to get information about the procedures to be performed before the implant treatment. The patient needs to know what to do in the process. You can get detailed information on this treatment, which is a phased procedure, from the implant page.



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