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During the conversation in daily life, the most noticeable part of the person is the oral and dental region. The alignment, structure and color of the teeth make a first impression on the first individual for the opposite individual. There is also a need for a beautiful smile to establish more successful relationships in social life and to have a beautiful appearance. A nice smile can be achieved with small changes in the form of teeth and in color. Dentists can meet their patients with the aesthetic tooth designs that they do today and the smile that gives them a beautiful appearance thanks to tooth whitening procedures.

Smile Design

There are certain rules when designing a tooth aesthetic and smile. These start with the fact that the face is proportional to the teeth and is symmetrical. The axes of the teeth, the line passing through the pupils, the distance of the nose wings and many other factors make the dental coatings compatible with the face. During the smile, it is very important that the shape taken by the dusk and which parts of the teeth appear during this time. Having an aesthetic smile is only possible if all these elements are balanced and scientifically adjusted.
The cost of smile aesthetics may vary depending on the treatment to be performed. Sometimes it can be possible to have a nice smile with very simple intervention. Sometimes there can be costly treatments to be done for a nice smile. Mixed therapies may sometimes have problems to be treated, such as orthodontics, implants, crown bridges, gum disease.

Generally, smile design is provided by three main elements.
The first part is the evaluation phase. The patient meets the dentist. Describe requests and expectations. The physician analyzes the problems he listens. It plans the treatments that must be done in order to meet the needs of the patient in the most appropriate way. The patient can take measurements to make a more detailed analysis. The patient’s mouth outside mouth face photographs (left side) and the videos of the conversation laugh are taken. In this way the general condition of the mouth is determined. The choice of the most appropriate color for the teeth is decided. The color of the eye and the status of social life are the guiding elements in determining tooth color.

Zirkonyum Diş Kaplama Diş Hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya
Diş Hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya

The photographs taken in the second stage are evaluated with the videotapes and the tooth model prepared by the oral measure. Sit on the templates. The digital smile design on the computer provides concrete information about which parts should be made and the necessary add-ons for the ideal smile.

Pink Aesthetic

During the treatment, zirconium tooth coating, lamina tooth application and tooth whitening treatments are applied through the latest computer aided design and production stages.

When the treatment is over, the smile of the person can be viewed in digital environment approximately.
The treatment plan prepared according to the obtained data is presented to the patient. Biological limitations are determined. The patient is informed about the duration and cost of the treatment. Patients want to get the most beautiful images at the best prices in the shortest time, but this is not always possible. Sometimes the treatment period can be one month and sometimes one year. Especially for patients who need orthodontic treatment, the duration of treatment is expressed in terms of years. For patients requiring gum surgery, the treatment period can be up to three months. If treatment such as bonding, dental coating or laminating is to be performed, the treatment is usually completed within one month.


Who does not want to have white teeth? We know the importance of tooth color for a beautiful smile. Sometimes coloring foods such as tea, cigarette coffee, and sometimes inadequate oral care may cause toothache to thicken. The whitening process applied to the dentist can achieve the desired brightness and whiteness of the tooth color. Let’s not forget that we have to listen to the physician’s suggestions to preserve this color. You can get more detailed information on the topic by linking to the tooth whitening page on our website. Tooth whitening can be applied at home and in the dental clinic. The best method of tooth whitening for you can be determined clinically by your physician according to your dentition and color.


The whole process to be performed to obtain tooth aesthetics constitutes the price of smile design. Tooth whitening and teeth whitening are the most commonly applied smile design processes. Orthodontic therapy and smile design will be performed if the orthodontic treatment prices are added to this price. Why orthodontics? In some cases, the teeth may have shifted. In this case it is impossible to apply the coatings on the teeth in the correct position.

Teeth are first taken to the required positions. Then, when they are coated, desired aesthetic result is obtained. When orthodontic treatment is needed, it is necessary to add an additional cost of about 1500 dollars. This orthodontic price is excluded from the dental price to be made. Another treatment that affects the price most for the smile design is the implant application process. If an implant is needed for missing teeth, a cost of $ 1000 per implant will be added. This average price is the approximate amount for implant and dental coating. For dental coverage, each tooth is calculated as 300 euros and the average dental price is calculated.

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