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How long does it take to heal after implant?

Once the implant is placed in the mouth, it will take time for recovery. Today, thanks to modern dentistry technologies, implants are recovering in a very short time. When the implant is made, the stitched area of ​​the gingiva is rapidly healing due to this feature. The implant, which is screwed into the jaw bone, fuses into the jaw bone in exactly 2-3 months.

It is necessary to wait 3-4 months before the superstructures of the implants can be made. The aim of the physician to wait for this period is to ensure the integration of bone and titanium implant. Due to its titanium structure, the jaw bone adheres to the roughened surface of the implant. After the jaw bone is wrapped around the titanium, the implant is fully secured in place.

The aforementioned waiting times may be reduced by another month for some special implant brands. Like the quality of the implant, the quality of the jawbone changes the waiting period. Smoking also affects treatment by prolonging waiting time. Other factors are related to the success of the physician and how well the patient complies with the recommendations after the implant procedure.

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