It is the most widely used filling material in today’s dentistry, which is also known as white filling, which is used in both posterior and anterior teeth.

Composite Tooth Filler Advantages

  1. Composite filler is aesthetic because it is the same color as the tooth.
    Composite filler Aesthetic as well as durable and durable.
  2. Unlike metal fillings, there is no need to remove healthy tooth tissue due to its ability to adhere to the composite filling tooth surface.
  3. Unlike composite fillers, there is no toxic mercury.
  4. Composite filler completes light curing during treatment.

Composite Tooth Filling Treatment Process

  • Removal of caries by local anesthesia.
  • To bond the filler to the surface of the tooth ‘bonding ajan by applying agents called a special light curing.
  • Light curing by selecting the most suitable color filler for the tooth in small layers.
  • Giving the appropriate form to the natural tooth and removing excess. The final stage of the polish.

Composite Tooth Fillers Disadvantages:

Success rates are low in cases where caries go well below the gums and cannot be isolated from blood and saliva.
They show shrinkage even though they are very reduced during light curing.
Its application requires much precision and takes longer time than metal fillings.

Aesthetic tooth filling

Aesthetic tooth filling

Success Factors and Guarantee in Dental Fill
It is important to use high quality composite filling material.
Choosing the right band and careful work of the physician is required.
The patient should take care of oral hygiene after composite filling treatment.
We provide free replacement guarantee for 5 years in composite filling treatments performed in our clinic. Patient-related oral hygiene problems, problems caused by accidents and impacts are not covered by the warranty.

How To Composite fillings are placed layer by layer in the prepared cavities and each layer is cured with a special light. When this process is finished, composite fillings are shaped and corrected according to the tooth. All these processes take longer than amalgam filling. However, it is at least twice as expensive as amalgam. The residence time of composite fillings in the mouth is 7-10 years, which is close to the life of the amalgam. However, in very large fillings the situation is in favor of amalgam. The greatest advantages of these fillers are their aesthetics. In addition, these fillings are firmly attached to the teeth, supporting tooth tissues, preventing breakage and passing of heat. Composites can be used not only for repairing caries but also for their cosmetic effects by changing the color and shape of the teeth. The most important disadvantage is the post-processing sensitivities. The colors of the fillers may also change slightly with coloring foods such as coffee and tea.

What patients should know after composite restorations
Composites can now be polished in the same session. However, in the case of very large restorations or serial restorations for very teeth , it is much better to call the patient once again and make any necessary corrections, both aesthetically and functionally. This material can be restored with very large losses in the front teeth, so patients should be told to be careful in the bite will prolong the life of these restorations. It should be reminded that food and beverages that can dye can change the colors of the fillings even if they are polished well after the applications made on the front side. These recommendations also apply to extensive facade restorations.

Composite Tooth Fillers Prices Diplodh3>
Composite filling prices are the prices that vary according to the number of surfaces filled in. Composite fill price survey


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