Tek diş implant için diş kesimine gerek yoktur.

What is the benefit of having the implant teethipped? Benefits of Implants.

Implant dental brands and implant prices need to know why the implant is made, not how it is made .

Implants for people who have lost their teeth, bridge and is becoming a popular alternative to partial prosthesis.

  • Available for one tooth.
  • Can also be used when inserting multiple teeth.
  • Instead of having a full mouth prosthesis,
    With implants it is possible to renew all teeth.
  • Also supports removable dentures.
  • With a movement of the tongue and lower jaw
    especially in the removable lower jaw prosthesis.


İmplant diş yapımı
İmplant diş yapımı

The same applies to the upper jaw, but 4 implants should be made in the upper jaw. Because the upper jaw bone is softer compared to the lower jaw bone. Therefore, it is not possible to use prosthesis on two implants in the upper jaw. The fact that the upper jaw arch is wider than the lower jaw is a valid reason for the increase in the number of implants. For both patients with no external jaw, 2 implants in the lower jaw and 4 in the upper jaw are required. In other words, it is possible to solve the complete toothlessness with a total of 6 implants.

A good chewing can be achieved by placing 10 or 12 teeth on the implant to be made on six implants. Placing 8 fixed teeth on 4 implants in the lower jaw is not recommended as the All in four technique does not have chewing teeth. However, it is a method applied in cases where there is no bone in the posterior region. Dental prostheses move because they cannot find a place to hold. A person cannot eat comfortably. Wounds in the mouth. Most of the time chewing is also a problem, but it can be difficult to talk. In this case, implants can save lives.


The movement of the prosthesis is significantly reduced when two implants are applied to the lower jaw. The patient will be able to eat more comfortably. It is therefore called life-saving treatment. Dental prosthesis to be made on two implants for people who do not have any teeth in the lower jaw will not hold an extra price.

To get information about implant prices, you can visit our clinic by appointment. You will be treated according to the condition of your teeth and your needs and you will be able to get information about dental prices and implant prices.
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