Will zirconium dental veneer price increase in 2019?

For zirconium tooth crown price information, you can click here and send the price form to us 0549 347 4 347. In 2019, we decided not to increase zirconium dental prices in our clinic. When exchange rates and application costs are calculated, we have decided not to increase our price of zirconium tooth price in 2019.

Let’s give some information about zirconium tooth crown.

Diş Beyazlatma
Diş Beyazlatma

In dentistry, zirconium is a substructure material used in the crown of tooth. The zirconium material is preferred as it is a white material which is also light transmissive. Zirconium is very high resistance to the pressure on the tooth crowns. Zirconium tooth crown is aesthetically pleasing and biologically tissue-friendly. To date, clinical studies have not found any allergies in zirconium dental crowns.

With these properties, there are the following positive factors in zirconium substructure aesthetic dental crowns.

-The color is white, so there is no reflection of the black metal on porcelain teeth with conventional metal alloy background.

-It has light permeability, especially in the front teeth smile during zirconium to capture the ideal aesthetics to benefit from this feature. This is one of the most important criteria for aesthetic tooth covering.

– Very high resistance to chewing forces. Thanks to this feature, it can be used easily in the rear teeth.

– Zirconium dental crowns do not cause allergies due to their biological compatibility. Some people are allergic to metal. Zirconium crown is required when these people want to have dental crown. Otherwise, it may face many teeth and gum disorders such as inflammation of the gums, gingival recession, bleeding in the gums, gingival swelling, redness etc.

– Compared to other crowns, zirconium crown conducts more heat since its thermal conductivity is low. Thus, they are not affected by heat and cold in the mouth, they do not cause tooth sensitivity.

-Each color can be applied to the tooth. A tooth with a very dark color can be coated with the desired color with a zirconium crown. The actual color of the tooth does not affect the color of the zirconium crown. Even after many years, the color of the zirconium dental crown does not change.

-Zirconium teeth do not have an extra care. Regular brushing and good oral hygiene is enough.

Advantages of Zirconium dental crowns

Zirconium dental crown is a popular dental crown material in recent years. Since metal is not used in zirconium tooth construction, it is possible to make aesthetic tooth crown that is compatible with gum and reflects light. Zirconium tooth crown provides a more aesthetical and natural look similar to metal porcelain tooth crown.

In zirconium tooth crown, no discoloration occurs at the boundary between the gum and the edge of the veneer. Thanks to computer-aided manufacturing, the zirconium dental crown is perfectly compatible with the gum.

    In the zirconium tooth crown system, white zirconium is used instead of metal.

  • Zirconium-plated teeth are robust.
    Zirconium dental veneers do not pull gums.
    Dental crowns made from zirconium do not cause an allergic reaction.
  • Zirconium porcelain coated teeth, gray metal color reflection. This will not bother you aesthetically.
    If the repair of broken teeth is to be done, zirconium teeth can be coated.
  • How to make zirconium porcelain tooth crown
  • After the anesthesia is done on the tooth can be etched in the process of crown. Then your teeth are taken.

Temporary dental veneers that you will use until the rehearsal is done immediately.

ZThe pressure and bruises on the gum due to the metal-supported porcelain crowns made of body are completely eliminated by the application of zirconium crowns and an aesthetic and natural appearance is obtained.

When the gum is pulled, the zirconium retains its aesthetic appearance, while the metal-supported porcelain creates a bad appearance in the area where it joins the tooth.
There is no risk of allergies in porcelain with zirconium substructure. It does not allergic to some metals (nickel, etc.) used in substructure.

Zirconium material is perfectly matched with our body because it can be used in people with gum disease or susceptible to gum disease.

Zirconium dental veneer is very good in compliance with gingival dental hygiene.

The following conditions should be considered in order to make a crown bridge cladding which is well compatible and easy for the patient.

a. Crowns and root structures of the tooth.

b. How the teeth stand

c. Status of palate (Alveolar crest)

d. Closure in vertical and horizontal direction

e. Gingival health and adhesion area

f. Relationship with dental caries and pulpg. The health of periodontal ligaments that connect the tooth and bone

h. Tooth wear

L Teeth coloring

Aesthetic comparison between zirconium slurry and metal-backed plated

Zirconium crowns are light transmissive and provide an excellent appearance compared to opaque metal ceramic restorations.

Zirconium dental price information

If you contact us, we can provide you with images of our cases.

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