Zirconium crowns are becoming more and more popular in the treatment of aesthetic teeth with natural teeth appearance. They are preferred over other dental crowwns due to their outstanding properties. In fact this dental crown material deserves to be paid even though it is higher in price. Due to the many years of trouble-free use of the tooth crown and many other positive features, zirconium crown are preferred even though they are more expensive. It is the attention of the patients that the crown is smooth and long lasting.
Zirconium tooth crown are preferred even though their high prices are due to the following advantages.

  • They are transparent enough to look like natural teeth
  • Less dental wear required for crown
  • Biologically compatible with body tissues and gums
  • Precise work can be done
  • Fully harmonized with gum
  • Resistant to abrasion and breakage

The aesthetic qualities of the zirconium crownare seen as the greatest advantage. In the years when it first began to be applied, it was a preferred practice, especially for the preparation of the front teeth. The finished crowndoes not only cover the teeth, it can also complete the missing tooth cavities. In this regard, they have become one of the most frequently applied missing tooth closure methods as an alternative.

Zirconium Teeth

Nowadays, application is realized with computer aided production devices from zirconia blocks. The design prepared on the computer cuts off with the given command. In order to make the prepared infrastructure more durable, it is heated in special ovens at very high temperatures and transferred to the durability. It is a fact that the old generation tooth coverings have been used for many years. However, when we smile, it is impossible to get a natural tooth image from the teeth.

Some people say that they have a metallic taste in the presence of metal crownand that they feel uncomfortable when they touch metal with the tongue. Porcelain crownswith metal create an ugly appearance over the gums and black. The resulting dark color image is usually renewed and removed when the metal has no aesthetic zirconium. Zirconium tooth crownsare definitely more aesthetic than porcelain tooth coatings.


Veneere and dental treatments costs are different according to the country in which they are experienced. The price policy of the dentist or dentist may be different from the others. The quality of the material used and the dental technician’s experience affect the zirconium tooth prices. It is generally necessary to know that it is a high-priced application in crowns. As the durability and aesthetic properties increase, the price of the material also increases.

In the United States it is necessary to pay around $ 1000 for a zirconium tooth crownand about 600 pounds in the UK. People living in Europe and America are required to have a large number of teeth covered and visit other countries within the scope of health tourism to have dental treatments. With the price of $ 250 $ 550 $ 450 Mexico in Hungary in Turkey it is possible to make a zirconium dental veneer. The best quality and cheapest price zirconium dental applications are made in Turkey.


Negative features are said to be high prices. However, the material can be used for many years in a healthy way and giving the desired aesthetic shows that it deserves the money paid.

Teeth Cleaning Prices

Zirconium crownsare the subject of tooth wear when facing the tooth. Good polishing and good closing adjustment are important for this problem that has arisen for many years.

Teeth whitening

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