If you have lost one or more of your teeth, it is important to replace them. Why is it important?

The teeth support each other against various pressures during chewing. When you lose one tooth, the other adjacent teeth will begin to move soon and shifts will occur in place of the lost tooth.

İmplant Diş
İmplant Diş

This is especially convenient for the teeth located in the lateral and posterior regions of the mouth, but it is the right fixation for all teeth regardless of the position. In addition, the upper and lower teeth need each other to perform chewing.
However, when one of the teeth disappears, the tooth in the same area of ​​the opposite jaw will shift to the missing tooth. When the teeth begin to slide and move, the deviations begin to occur on their upward or downward slopes. In this case, the positions and angles of the upper and lower teeth with each other will begin to change. Sometimes it may cause problems and pain in the jaw joints. Another possible result due to slippage is the formation of studs in the positions of the teeth which should be 90 degrees to the jawbone. During normal chewing, more pressure will be applied from the teeth to the jaw bone. As a result, it may cause bone dissolution in those areas of the jaw bone and loss of previously healthy teeth.

The gaps created as a result of slips will also create difficult-to-clean areas. This can create a suitable environment for the formation of dental plaque and tartar. As a result, it prepares the ground for gum disease and caries in unexpected places. Caries that occur in places different from normal and difficult to work are treated more difficult. As a result, a tooth lost due to the other teeth begin to move, adversely affected and after a while the placement of an artificial tooth becomes difficult. In many cases, after long-lasting orthodontic treatments and implant treatments, artificial teeth can be placed and a treatment can be made.

Without having to experience all these possible problems, your lost teeth can be replaced with permanent dentures with treatments that can be started immediately after tooth loss.

Although there are different treatment options, bridges or implant treatments consisting of three units (teeth) will be a good solution. Both solutions allow you to successfully replace your lost teeth with prosthetic teeth. But the following question may come to mind; Which one is the better solution? Let your dentist decide which solution best suits your situation. However, I will cover some of the information and considerations below:

Bridges of Three Units


This treatment method describes the prosthetic systems by attaching them to the teeth located on the right and left sides of the lost teeth. As the name suggests, it consists of three parts. Artificial tooth that will replace your lost tooth in the middle part. The two parts at the edges are the crown parts which are placed on the teeth on both sides of the missing teeth. These crown parts are permanently glued to the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth (see the following picture), thereby preventing the artificial tooth from moving there and keeping it in place. When the bridge is installed, with the support of the adjacent teeth, your teeth are completed and your teeth can serve as before.

In the case of large fillings, severe defects and decay in the adjacent teeth, bridging may be a good solution. In this case, the bridge heads help to keep the bridge in place, as well as to restore the full function of the adjacent teeth. When porcelain coatings are used on the bridge, an aesthetic appearance close to natural teeth in shape and color will be provided together with functionality.

One feature of the bridges is that the teeth in front of and behind the cavity should be cut (reduced) to fit the bridge heads. If these teeth are weak or decayed, it will not cause any problems for bridges. However, if these teeth are healthy teeth, it is not preferable to cut or change their structure. Like the restoration of the building, the teeth of the bridge cannot survive forever. Even in very good care, they sometimes need to be renewed after a while, causing bacteria to multiply in this area.

Another issue is the effect of bridges on the bone structure in the region where the missing tooth is located. The lost toothfictional gap, that is the jawbone in the region that starts following the attraction and increased by bridge construction is the resorption of bone. Although this is not a problem when a bridge is used instead of a single tooth, bone loss problems can occur when a bridge is used instead of more than one tooth. Since the bridges are not firmly attached to the jawbone and gums, you will need extra tooth cleaning products to prevent bacterial growth on the altar.

Dental Implant

Hareketli İmplant Üzeri Protez

Implants are solutions produced under laboratory conditions to replace permanent teeth with permanent artificial teeth. Implants are supports made of titanium and placed in the root of the lost tooth. The implants fuse with the tooth bone during the period from the beginning of the treatment to the end. The implants are covered with temporary artificial teeth and the healing period begins. This process can last for 1-2 months depending on the general condition of the mouth and jaw. At the end of the healing and fusion period, permanent prosthetic teeth are placed on the implants and screwed in such a way that they cannot come out. In some cases, permanent dentures can be attached at the beginning of treatment without the need for temporary teeth.

Implants are fixed structures. No problems in chewing and speaking.

Implants become fused to the tooth bone. This minimizes tooth dissolution. Since your teeth will be permanent parts of your mouth like your natural teeth, there is no need for much more care in terms of normal routine teeth.

Another feature is that it does not require operation on the side teeth as in bridges. In this way, healthy teeth are not subjected to any procedure and the need for extra care, treatment and restoration is eliminated. This offers an optimal solution both in terms of total time and cost.

Although successful at high rates, implants may fail in some cases. These are usually caused by poor postoperative care, infection, excessive smoking, and the degree of bone quality in the jawbone. The problem of quality and volume in the jawbone can be achieved by additional bone graft treatment. If the person has some systemic diseases, the healing process can be prolonged and implant can be applied by taking necessary precautions.

Dentists recommend dental implants and more because they improve quality of life.
Implant treatment is increasing every day all over the world Turkey is also applied with success even abroad to Turkey for health tourism.
implant prices in Turkey is very convenient.

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