Panoramic and Cephalometric dental x-ray:

With the cephalometric x-ray device, the head bones and soft tissues are displayed in the same film in the anterior, posterior and lateral positions.

Cephalometric film images are mostly obtained from patients requiring orthodontic treatment or orthognatic surgery. In the preparation of the treatment plan before treatment; cephalometric radiographs can be obtained to evaluate the effects of treatment during or after treatment.
On a lateral cephalometric x-ray, the image sensor (film or sensor) is positioned parallel to the patient’s midsagittal plane. The X-ray source is located directly opposite the image sensor and emits a beam perpendicular to the patient’s midsagittal plane. There is also a filter in the front of the X-ray source, which absorbs some light so that the soft tissues are visible on the radiography.

In lateral cephalometry images, it may not be possible to ensure the exact superposition of the right and left sides of the head, because the magnification of the structures close to the image sensor is less than the magnification of the distal structures. Bilateral structures close to the midsagittal plane show less dimensional differences compared to bilateral structures away from the midsagittal plane.

Panoramic Views

Panoramic x-ray is an x-ray film that allows jaws, all teeth, jaws and teeth to be seen in a single film.

Why a panoramic x-ray is required ?

Panoramic x-ray is necessary for the diagnosis of invisible caries, cysts and tumors in the jaws and teeth.
X-ray films that help make treatment planning faster and more complete.

It is an x-ray that the physician should see before jaw and dental operations. Because these X-rays show a wide range of treatment areas and increase the success of the operation.

What are the advantages of panoramic x-ray?

Panoramic x-rays provide early detection of many dental caries, cystic and tumoral formations in the jaws.

The image of all teeth can be seen on a single x-ray.

Provides early diagnosis and treatment by imaging of all teeth. This saves both time and treatment costs.

For each patient in our clinic, PANORAMIC X-ray is performed and the procedure is performed. Our experience has shown that this is ideal for both the patient and the physician. Our clinic also pays utmost attention to this.

This practice, which is widespread all over the world, will become more widespread in our country.
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