The application is very simple and short-term. First, the teeth are prepared with a painless procedure. After the main measurement is taken, the temporary veneer is adhered. Thus, the teeth are protected from external influences. In the laboratory, the model is created according to the last dimension and porcelain laminates are prepared. It is carefully cemented to the teeth with a material called bonding resin. As a result of cementation process, it is not possible to separate the lamina from the tooth. Therefore, it is very resistant to breakage. Leaf porcelain laminated veneer is an excellent solution in many tooth disorders that adversely affect the appearance. Laminate veneer provides aesthetics with minimal abrasion of the tooth.

Laminate Veneer Crown

In most cases, laminate veneers are sufficient to give the teeth a natural beauty and a natural function, with their robust structure and intact colors. With laminated tooth coatings, people can smile confidently. When laminate tooth coating is done well, it will be used for years without any problems. The price of a good laminate tooth is higher than the price of zirconium tooth coating. You can contact us for the price of 2019 laminate veneer prices applied in the range of 250-300 €. Due to the sudden increase in exchange rates in 2019 lamina prices are calculated lower than the exchange rate, resulting in less costs for patients.

Of course, as we just mentioned, the price of zirconium teeth is higher than the price of porcelain teeth. The price of laminate veneer is also higher than the price of zirconium and the price of porcelain coating.

These coatings made of porcelain are a thin, semi-permeable layer. They are prepared and placed on an existing exterior with perfect fit and precision. The front face of the tooth and the inner face of the coating are adhered with a special adhesive intermediate. When the process is finished, a perfect fusion is expected.

Laminate veneer thread coating

On the side you can see the lamina prepared for the front 6 teeth. Laminates waiting to be glued only to the front surface of the tooth by means of a special adhesive set.

When you come to my clinic, I can show you the finished patient pictures.

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