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Implants are used to eliminate deficiency in areas where tooth loss occurs. The aim is to preserve the presence of bone. Therefore, implant is preferred instead of bridge. After the teeth are pulled, the bone surrounding the teeth begins to melt.

Following the dissolution of the bone, the appearance of the face deteriorates, wrinkles around the mouth increase, and the nose and chin tip come close together. For these reasons, implanting the root of extracted teeth should be considered. Bone , implant makes a close connection with the surface, allows them to function as natural teeth. Biting and chewing functions prevent bone resorption.

With the use of implants, the mouth is tried to achieve a pattern close to its natural state. Thanks to the implant application, there is no need to cut the adjacent teeth. If you have missing teeth and do not have a negative condition for implant construction, the most accurate procedure is implant.

Having an implant is a treatment that will help chewing aesthetics and function for the reasons described above. With proper planning and implementation, it is possible to use implants without problems.

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İmplant diş yapımı model üzerinde gösterilmiştir.

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