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In cases where the teeth and surrounding tissues are lost or lost in our mouths, the prepared materials used for their replacement are called prosthesis Street

The Purpose of Prosthetic Teeth

It is desirable and aimed to restore the lost functions of the patient and correct the impaired speech and improve the aesthetic appearance.
In this way, lost oral health is corrected. Psychological support is also provided to individuals who have to live with missing or devastated teeth in society. Because, in this way, individuals who have to live their lives (even if for a while), forget to laugh primarily. It is aimed to improve the quality of life of people with various prostheses made to such patients.

Over the years, people wear food, chew, swallow and at night, for some reason, as a result of teeth grinding, teeth wear at different rates. In addition, caries and accidental fractures occur in some parts of the teeth. In such cases, the missing structures of the teeth are replaced by prostheses called crowns. These crowns are made using porcelain, acrylic or metal alloys specially produced for dentistry. Recent developments in dentistry can make these structures look extremely natural.

Prosthesis as a result of the loss of teeth is generally of two types:

1.The crowns and bridges on the teeth remaining in the mouth that cannot be removed by the patient FIXED PROSTHESIS


Implants are metal structures made of pure titanium or titanium alloys that are inserted into the jawbone of patients who lost their teeth. They are used to replace the lost teeth of the patients and to achieve the aims described previously with prostheses.

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