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Gum treatment Istanbul Turkey
Gum treatment

■ If you have gum disease, brushing your teeth and using rope, chewing, or taking any action that exerts pressure on your teeth pose a risk of sending harmful bacteria to your body.

■ Gum disease is a risk factor for heart and respiratory patients.

■ If you are going to undergo a joint transplant, you should have your teeth completed before surgery to avoid post-operative infection.

■ Infections caused by gum disease increase blood sugar in the body, which can lead to serious complications for diabetics.
■ Pregnant women with gum disease are at risk of premature birth or low birth weight.

■ The average age of oral cancer is 60 years.
■ The first line of defense to diagnose oral cancer, which usually starts in the tongue, is the dentist.

■ Smokeless tobacco can increase the risk of oral cancer four times.

■ Mouth sores are usually seen at a young age.

■ If you often get sores in your mouth, change your toothpaste to a 30-day trial.

■ If you are going to cure for a long period of antibiotics, carefully monitor for signs of thrush, a fungus that develops in the mouth. White creamy patches inside the mouth may be a sign of a problem.

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