Our ancestors said that toothache should not even give to my enemy. Root canal treatment is often applied to the aching tooth. Pain that begins with the progression of tooth decay can reach unbearable dimensions. As a person who experienced this pain when I was 17, I understand you very well. I also understand what is written on the tooth that hurts the Internet. Sometimes we encounter this toothache in the middle of the night, sometimes before important days like exams or weddings. In this article, I will answer questions about how toothache passes, what is root canal treatment, how is it done, why tooth canal treatment is painful.

In this article you will find articles written directly by a dentist that will work for you, not cliche information like other websites on the Internet. My goal is to benefit the users studying the internet. On the internet, implant , aesthetic dentistry issues such as accurate and advertising-free information I wish to multiply.

Now let’s get to the topics of this article. What is root canal treatment? You will find information about who is a root canal specialist, how canal treatment is done, pain after root canal treatment, renewal of root canal treatment. You can ask questions in the comments section.


The tooth may be very rotten. When the teeth decay too much, the germs make the living layer of the tooth sick and the tooth becomes very sensitive. Complaints such as self-pity, pain in the form of throbbing, pain starting and continuing with the effect of hot, swelling in the neck and face may be present. X-rays are used to evaluate the caries of the tooth or the status of previous restorations. Occasionally, these types of discomfort can be seen as a result of very deep fillings. Sometimes teeth under old veneers may require root canal treatment. In some cases, the need for root canal treatment may occur with tooth cut. However, canal is not made in every tooth section. It is not recommended to treat the teeth that have been cut unless they have to, that is, removing the nerves of the tooth.

  • Rotten
  • Trauma
  • Chemical effects
  • Clenching teeth
  • Wear

Threaded tooth

  • Kist
  • Jaw fractures

Because of one or more of the reasons listed above, root canal treatment is required when there is pain in the tooth. To expand the grooves of the tooth root by draining and then sealing them with filling materials. Root canal treatment requires precise work. Not only the physician’s attention and skill, but also the hand tools and devices used.


If your tooth is alive, first anesthesia is performed. Decayed tissue is cleaned and your teeth are shaped to enter the canals of the tooth. The roots of your teeth are cleaned in such a way that they can be filled with special tools. root filling is done smoothly and tightly to the root end.

In some cases, root canal therapy is not completed in one session but in 1-2 sessions. The physician ensures that this treatment is performed at every stage in the best way. If it is deemed necessary to ensure that the last root is completely filled, the end x-ray is taken.


You cannot get information about the price of canal treatment here. The working environment in each tooth root and mouth is different. For this reason, we cannot give price without seeing the number, shape and condition of the tooth canals. I can say in general terms that the price of canal treatment is not cheap. If you really want to finish the endodontic treatment that requires serious labor and equipment with a proper and successful result, you will have to spend around 1000 tl.

I don’t want a canal treatment so. For those who just let my pain go, the success rate is low and there are cheaper clinics.

Root Canal Treatment Tooth Life:

It is difficult to comment on this. You can use a good root canal treatment according to the rules like your own teeth for many years without any problems. After canal treatment, tooth color may change. On the other hand, the teeth and the nerves in the tooth can no longer be fragile. Already opened

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