When we have tooth problems like every health problem, we have to cope with this problem as well as the economic dimension. dental treatments are known to be consistently high in price. We wanted to give you information about the factors that affect the price of dental treatment for dental treatment procedures, which are both a material and a workmanship, and which treatment you can make with what prices.

Dental treatment prices are increasing at least annually in inflation rates. Expenditures such as rent and expenses from fixed expenses as well as material expenses, which is one of the most important expenditures, increase with foreign exchange. The inflation rate announced every year is about half of the rate of increase in foreign exchange. Turkish dentists have foreseen a decrease in dental treatment fees even in inflation for the last five years with the aim of contributing to the health expenditures of the state by working in partnership with the state. Prices insist on not receiving service from private dental clinics and private dental clinics, even if they can not cover the cost of supplies. Just looking at the table below for simulation purposes will suffice to understand what a labor exploitation is. In addition to the education investment that my doctor has made, the cost of opening a business in the standards that can safely be applied safely adds to the cost of dental treatment, which comes at a high cost.


We make you a wholesaler in order to get a healthy mouth tooth from the life of the tooth problem. Large dental problems will come with little control and little touches from life without overgrowth, both cheaper and will be shorter as time.

A happy, healthy and beautiful smile with 4 steps:
Regular checks
Regular Tooth Control
Panoramic Dental X-ray
Implant + Orthodontics Evaluation
Smile Makeup Counseling
Emergency Tooth Treatments
Tooth protection

Provision of hygiene
Tooth surface polishing and polishing
Mouth protector night plates
Flouride Varnish
Other Preventive Measures
Preventing pain

Filling caries
Tooth extraction (control of twenty teeth)
Detection of broken / worn teeth
Gum bleeding control
Control of canal-treated teeth
Complete smile

Teeth whitening
Correction of curved teeth (Orthodontic Transparent plate)
Completion of missing teeth
Oral surgery
Dental coating applications
Smile design zirconium tooth coating, laminate veneer.
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Dental price
Dent filler price
Porcelain tooth coating
Implant tooth price
Price of tooth whitening
Tooth cleaning price
Source: Figures are for illustration purposes only. It is for showing the increase rates and the increase based on the exchange rate.

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