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In this article we will give you information about those who are curious about implant price. You will understand whether the construction of the implant is as difficult as it is thought to be as you receive information about the process. In my 25-year career, I have often observed that those who take cost as a priority for their treatment have to do it again later. Therefore, I would like to say that your priority should not be related to the price of dental implants.
We prefer German-made implants in our clinic. Indigenous implants also have a say in the world and can be applied with confidence. There are cheap implants that can be used as an alternative when economically more cost-effective is desired. Please visit the clinic for information. We can’t give you an implant price by phone.

The Tooth implant is a titanium “screw en inserted into the jawbone instead of the missing teeth. The implant consists of 3 separate units.

  1. Crown
  2. Basis
  3. Implant body

There are many types of support according to the carrying and aesthetic features.
Applying an implant to the jawbone is a maximum of 7 minutes and is simpler and easier to “atraumatic” than a molar tooth.
The dental implant is attached to the jawbone by the grooves on the implant, but the micropores on the grooves “ossify içerisinde in about 3 weeks to 2 months and act as the root of the tooth.
Implants can be applied to all individuals of all ages and all types of bones with a minimum age of 18.
Controlled diabetes and age-related bone resorption do not interfere with implant application.

There is a suitable application technique, implant type and prosthesis for every age and every jawbone and every tooth.
One or two teeth missing in the front or back region of the jaws, known methods to replace the “strong” teeth on both sides instead of cutting one or two implants to put in these cavities is the shortest and healthiest solution. Thus, the teeth can be cut and transported for the production of veneers.

If there is a large number of teeth loss, if the bone is suitable, it is possible to kazandır implant sabit them permanently.

Individuals who have lost all their teeth and have the appropriate bone provided that only 6 or 8 implants in each jaw can be returned as fixed ceramic (porcelain) teeth instead of 12 or 14 teeth in each jaw.

You can permanently regain all your teeth.

It is possible to use “fixed“ teeth with different prosthesis applications even in individuals with advanced bone resorption and partial or complete tooth loss. A maximum of 6 or 4 implants for each jaw is sufficient to carry the prosthesis in this condition.
It is possible to use a “fixed” prosthesis by applying advanced surgical techniques in individuals with severe bone resorption.
In patients with severe bone loss but who do not require advanced surgical technique, 2 or 4 implant applying. It is possible to use full or removable prosthesis with attachments or mouth attachments. Even in this case, prostheses do not dislodge, move and move in the mouth during the social life process. Only the individual can remove and install these prostheses.
All implant implants, including removable prostheses on the implant , should be used extremely clean and maximize oral health.
The loss of dental implants produced with today’s advanced technology is very rare, and these losses are associated with greater use. A well-performed implant (or implants) and a prosthesis are only the responsibility of the physician for 21 days. After this period, the success of the implant is entirely related to the oral care of the individual and is the responsibility of the individual.

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