Aesthetic dentistry is one of the fastest progressing and developing branches of dentistry in recent years. Healthy, well-cared and pleasing to the eye teeth, a person’s quality of life and life enthusiasm will affect positively as a reality stands out. Oral and dental health seems to be very important in terms of gaining self-esteem and self-esteem as well as effects on the individual’s holistic health. In this context, aesthetic dentistry applications draw attention. Esthetic dentistry is the fastest progressing and developing branch of dentistry in recent years. Aesthetic dentistry applications include adhesive systems, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, implants and lamina applications.

Teeth Whitening

Bleaching, teeth structure (enamel and Sentin layer) is defined as the process of removing discolorations. There are currently two known bleaching methods. Although both methods are effective, the choice and duration of treatment may vary depending on the degree of renMenen and the opinion of the physician.


Crowns, which are a coating, are applied to the tooth to restore a damaged tooth. The crown can be applied as a superstructure to a dental implant to cover broken, deformed or discolored teeth, to restore a large filler, to prevent weak teeth from breaking, if there is not enough dental support.

It stands out as a form of treatment based on support from neighboring teeth to fill gaps in the event of loss of one or more teeth.


Kuron Köprüler

It is the name given to titanium structures placed on the jawbone that try to mimic the function of a natural tooth. Implants can create a “second chance” for patients who have lost their teeth.

Porcelain laminates

It is considered as a good aesthetic solution with minimal tooth loss in dental disorders that negatively affect the appearance. In laminated veneers, it is aimed to solve these problems by gluing the layer prepared from porcelain to the front faces of the teeth.

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