If you are browsing this page, the dental problem has started. Before you give information about the price of dental filletstr you need to know that the materials used in cheap treatments are different. The physician sets a price policy in return for the time and effort he / she spends on the materials and dental treatment he / she uses. This price can be more or less for you. But cheap meat is not a stew, we all know. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good.


When you meet your doctor and you will understand whether the clinic deserves the price according to the order of cleaning. In this article you will get information about 2020 dental filling prices and other dental treatment prices. For example, zirconium tooth prices or the wonder implant prices page, which is known as the best tooth coating You can find the links at the end of the article.

Composite fill price for aesthetic tooth filler is different from the price of amalgam fill.

Fill Time

First of all, it is useful to know that dental treatment prices change according to the types of tooth filling. The types of fillers and why and when the fill is made affect the cost. It seems that you have decayed your teeth and needed dental filling. I hope the tooth decay hasn’t gone too far. Because delayed fillings may require duct treatment. Especially if there is a cavity big enough to feel the tooth cavity when you take your tongue, the canal treatment is approaching. Cold-hot pain and spontaneous toothache at night are indicative of advanced dental caries.

Tooth decay does not only adversely affect the nerve of the tooth. At the same time infection of the gum tissue begins to occur. One of the causes of bad breath in dental caries is the infection of the gums in the area with tooth decay. A new generation of aesthetic tooth covering, which looks like your own tooth and can be used for many years in a healthy way with the application of zirconium porcelain You can get aesthetic tooth covering .

Untreated dental caries treatment will result in the loss of more teeth than teeth. In such a case, the groundbreaking application of dentistry grows to your rescue of zirconium teeth. A new generation that looks like your own tooth and you can use it for many years with the aesthetic tooth coating zirconium porcelain application
aesthetic teeth can make the coating.

Types of Tooth Filling and Tooth Filling Price

These extremely durable and aesthetic coatings that do not contain metal can be used for many years with health. After the dental filling process is completed, you should get information about aesthetic zirconium tooth coating. You can also get information from the pages I added as a link above and you can ask me questions.
When the tooth is saved by filling or canal treatment without going to the extraction, implant dental application will not be necessary. You will find that there is a big difference in implant prices compared to a filler or canal treatment. So how much are these dental treatment prices?
In dentistry, fillings made for decaying tooth treatment prolong tooth life. After the decay is removed, the remaining tooth is put on the tooth pulp and the tooth filling material is applied on it.
Tooth filling price increased by 10% compared to previous years for the year 2020 . These rates are determined by the dentists’ chambers and published as recommended rates.

The price of metal-filled amalgam tooth filler and composite beam filler are different. Fillings made using a good material can be made in the price range of 300-350 tl. Amalgam tooth filling can be made around 250 TL -350 TL in 2019. However, considering that each clinic determines service at its own expense, the most accurate price is to go to the clinic and determine the dental carieslearning from im will be the right method.

Especially because of the different plans and treatment need for treatment, an appointment should be made and examined by a dentist in order to avoid any additional costs.
With regard to 2019 dental filling prices, the physician cannot give dental prices without seeing the patient and the tooth to be treated. An approximate treatment can tell you the price, which is not the price you want to learn because it can change later.

What is the Fill?

The filling extends the life of the tooth. Timely dental filling will help keep your teeth alive in the mouth for years without the need for root canal treatment or even extraction. When the filling materials are of good quality, you can have dental fillings that you can use for 20 years. It should be remembered that deep bruises may have cold-hot sensitivity. This sensitivity is sometimes up to 6 months. However, it is possible to pass the sensitivity of the fillings that make excessive sensitivity with canal treatment. This is done when necessary and canal treatment fee is paid.

Aesthetic Dentist Sertaç Kızılkay


It is determined according to the time and risk of the physician to allocate according to the condition of the tooth to be extracted. Usually it is between 150 TL and 500 TL. Before the tooth is extracted, it is necessary to take an x-ray and see the root condition. Pulling teeth without an X-ray can cause problems. It is important whether there is infection at the root end. The shape of the tooth roots is important in determining the extraction technique.

For this reason, we do not charge a separate fee for dental x-ray. You can contact us at 02126616979 to get an appointment with Dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya. For information about the implant, please visit our implant tooth page, for information about zirconium coating zirconium tooth coating .

For 2020 dental filling prices and other dental treatment prices, we can provide approximate fee information here. You must have a clinical examination for the price of treatment to be applied to you. Tooth filling price is around. 50€

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